CERAMICHE GARDENIA ORCHIDEA - Italian Style, Excellence and Quality

Since 1961, the Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea Group has been developing its own concept of living, a winning choice that has made the company a byword for Italian style, excellence and quality in the 100 countries where it operates.

A leading company, a leading producer
Every year, on average, Gardenia manufactures a total of 4 million meters of ceramics, of which 1.5 million in bi-tech and 2.5 million in fine porcelain stonewarems. It also produces all the special pieces and decors.

The Gardenia Orchidea group has had an exclusive worldwide sales agreement with Versace Ceramics since 1997 so is able to produce unique ceramic lines and bathroom furnishings.

Gardenia Orchidea has also successfully experimented with PVD applications (Physical Vapor Deposition, from aerospace technology) which is based on the physical principal of the vacuum evaporation of metals (titanium, gold, platinum as well as other metals) which are allowed to condensate when they reach an ionic state forming a film which is deposited on the object being treated giving it a new highly resistant finish.

The Achievements of the Past are Foundation for the Future

The home is seen as the domestic environment, the central core of harmony and intimacy one perceives in moving from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom, most focused expression in the bathroom, experienced as an intimate place for pampering the body and soul.

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