Unique FRP panels with Surfaseal® film for an unsurpassed hygiene and durable surfaces

Glasbord is an extremely moisture-resistant and non-porous panel made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and covered with Surfaseal. The Surfaseal film finish creates a barrier that is highly resistant to impact and scratching and doesn’t trap soil or bacteria on the panel. The surface is up to 10 times easier to clean and up to six times more stain resistant than other sanitary wall systems. The panels are available in pebbled and smooth textures and variable colours. ​

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  • Food Processing Plants

Cold Storage | Meat | Poultry | Dairy (Milk & Cheese) | Slaughterhouse | Central Kitchens | Fish Processing | Bakery & Pasta | Distribution centres | Water Bottling | Warehouses | Fish Markets | Central Fruits & Vegetable Markets


Kitchens | BOH area

  • Healthcare Facilities

Operating rooms | ICU rooms | Labs | Waiting areas | Patient rooms | Corridors |Kitchens BOH area

  • Schools and Universities

Classrooms |Hallways |LABS |Cafes |Locker rooms |Kitchens |Cold storage | Restrooms| BOH area

  • Pharmaceuticals plants and Clean rooms

Raw material store | Mixing areas | Processing areas | Granulation area | Tablet Press | Tablet Coater | Laser drilling and packaging




  • Unique Surfaseal finish making it stain resistant & easier to clean
  • Lowest overall total cost of ownership due to ROI over time
  • Chemical resistant and resistant to repetitive cleaning
  • Moisture & humidity resistant, mold & mildew free
  • Vapor barrier protection preventing transfer of spores
  • Robust panel with resistance to impact and scratches
  • Pore free surface, will not trap soil or bacteria
  • Class C, Class A for flame spread and smoke development when tested per ASTM E-84
  • Unique Class A for flame spread and smoke development in accordance with FM approved 4880
  • Easy and quick to install with no mechanical fixation
  • UL GreenGuard certified for low chemical emissions, decreasing indoor pollution levels
  • HACCP certified
  • ASTM E331 certified for Bulk water and vapor resistance certified (certification is applicable on wall system with PU seam sealant and Sanibase skirting)
  • Fraunhofer TESTED DEVICE ® certified for use in cleanrooms (Glasbord smooth finish FM fire rated)

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