The Czech family company RAVAK was founded in 1991 by the Vařeka and Kreysa families, who successfully built the largest manufacturer of bathroom equipment in the Czech Republic and actively manage the company to date.

They are adherence to some basic rules – like checking to ensure top quality, applying unique technologies, the craftsmanship of skilled experts and drive to create original designs.

Selecting the right materials is important, which a high-class result can only be achieved using intelligently processed top-class materials.

Behind every perfect result lies consistent care over every single detail

RAVAK strive to create products that are not only original, but also practical, that have a high utility value and are technically well constructed and safe. The ability to create beauty is not sufficient; the foundation of good design is the art of aesthetics and a feeling for harmony. A good designer must be a good engineer and builder, able to perceive the practical factors of the product and make it original in terms of shape and the technology used. That is why RAVAK chose to collaborate with design studios that are successful in highly competitive areas such as the automotive industry. The same designers who design car bodywork and interiors for global car brands work for RAVAK.

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