ONIX®, founded in 1999, located in Onda (Spain), is a world leading glass mosaic company. Within a few years, the company has had sales presence in more than 100 countries, developing a wide variety of projects around the world and participating in the main international exhibitions.

ONIX´s eco-friendly mosaics (made up of 98% recycled glass) is one of multiple elements that encompasses our pursuit for environmental sustainability

  • Production wastes are recycled & reutilized in the manufacturing of other finished products such as glass containers.
  • Fossil fuels are not used with the intent of avoiding the emission of greenhouse gasses.
  • Liquid residues are nonexistent, as water is absent during our entire manufacturing process.
  • Electric kilns are equipped with frequency converters that maximize energy efficiency.
  • Big-Bags and pallets are reutilized and Europallets are recycled, in order to promote circular economy.
  • Brown cardboard is used for packaging as it is far less polluting than white cardboard.

Mosaic is a work of art created by assembling hundreds of small tesserae of different shapes and colors.

Designs that turn a swimming pool into high-end décor and delight both designers and architects. Avant-garde digital textures, surprising opalescents that recall the waves, blends with bursts of colours or subtle shades, luminescents that glow in the dark… An expression of style for swimming pools.

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